Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Eve Traditions

I can hardly believe that Christmas Day has come and gone!  We had a fabulous Christmas this year.  On Christmas Day we brought cookies to the fire department and they were so gracious and sweet.  They invited our daughter to sit on the fire truck but she was too afraid.  Maybe next year :)  

We removed the Christmas ornaments today and converted it into a New Year's tree.  This is something that I started last year.  I purchased these adorable ornies on Etsy last year.  They are in storage at my MIL's house right now, but I am going to pick them up tomorrow.  
I can't wait to put them on the tree!  I do have pictures of the way it looks right now though: all silver and purple thanks to some incredible deals at Walmart today!
New Year's Hat as a topper:)
What better symbol of a new year than a butterfly!?!

I am feeling pretty crafty after creating this New Year's wreath today:
It was really simple: I purchased a clearance wreath at The Christmas Tree Shop and used a frisbee to cut out a large circle on silver glitter scrapbook paper and the clockface came from here.

The other New Year's tradition we do is the Bayberry Candle.  Here is a little background about the Bayberry candle I found on the internet (click for source):
Burning bayberry candles is a tradition dating back to colonial times. Early colonists came upon the bayberry shrub growing in the sand belt of the Atlantic coast, as well as the shores of Lake Erie. The berry-type fruit is crusted with a greenish-white wax, settlers found that boiling the fruit created a wax residue on the surface of the water. The wax had a fragrant aroma and burned magnificently. Many berries had to be boiled to get enough wax to make a candle, these candles burned longer, cleaner, and brighter than did the traditional candles of the time. Therefore, bayberry candles were saved and burned on special occasions only! One such special occasion was the celebration of the New Year.
If you have a New Year's tradition I would love to hear about it!

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